As you should know, the DollarBoyz is a multi-ethnic, multi-generational performing and media arts company. Our members provide a number of different entertainment services for the general community, including dance & rap performance, video production & photography, DJ services, promotions, and marketing. Beginning in 2005 as a community initiative to help “at-risk” youth find safe spaces away from the streets, DollarBoyz has grown to become a more intentional movement toward youth economic empowerment and community uplift.

In the community we represent, few resources exist that truly support young people on a self-sustainable level. We recognize our model as an innovative solution to this issue, and hope you will find equally so. Feel free to browse our collections, and support youth owned businesses!


Mailing Address:


P.O. BOX 884

Philadelphia PA 19105

Email Address: sales@dollarboyz.com

Phone: 1(888)326-9101 Ext 72537

Hours of Operations: Mon thru Thur 12noon to 6pm

Social Media: Twitter.com/AskDollarBoyz